Monday, May 30, 2011

Beautiful boy

Dear Razin,

In less than 2 weeks, you'll turn 3 months.

In less than a week, your Mom and Dad will celebrate their first anniversary.

How time flies... really!

You are my pride and joy. You are the love of my life. I'll die for you. I'll sacrifice everything for you...

I never thought I will love another human being like this until I gave birth to you. I often wonders, how can a mother not love their child? I could not imagine giving you up ever!

At 2 months old, you are chubbier now. I love it when you smile which you often did these days... So cute sayang... Too bad I didn't manage to capture those moments (my phone was always out of reach---didn't care much about it since I got married. haha)

You love to snuggle when we're in bed.
You're always quite when I carried you upstairs-to mommy's and daddy's bedroom.
And when I put you in the middle of the bed (with your parents on your each side), you knew it's time to sleep. I will nurse you and you will usually fall asleep a few minutes after that.

Dear Razin,

Mommy loves you very much.
I don't mind spending my money on your stuff.
I cloth diapered you because it's the most natural thing to do.
I actually want to use plain flats (lampin putih) on you cos it'll make your skin more breathable but I forgot how to fold them! haha... Plus, it's a hassle for Mak Tih Diyana to take care of you while Mommy goes to work... so, cloth diaper is good enough. Maybe during weekends or when I can focus on you 24 hours a day, I'll use flats. Teringin sangat-sangat nak try cos macam orang dulu-dulu.. do take note that your mommy is old-fashioned sometimes. heee...

Dear Razin,

I envy stay at home mothers. I really do.
How I wish I could just quit my job and be with you everyday.
But we couldn't afford it.
We need 2 persons with monthly income in this family.
I couldn't just quit since I know I want to buy more stuff for you! haha...
So I need money...
You father is so stingy sometimes so better not risk it. :P

I hope you will forgive me when I let other people took care of you when I work.
I will try my best to find those who took care of you with love and patience.
I wish your Mak Tih Diyana can look after you when I work forever instead of a few months.

Well, I better get back to work.

I miss you, Razin!

Your mommy,
At office.


Cik Puan Fara said...


Lynn Nasir said...

dear Razin..ask mommy to buy some custom CD from aunty Lynn Nasir ^^

Ryehanna said...


insya Allah Kak Lynn... tunggu ada duit lebih sikit... hehehehe