Friday, May 27, 2011

First toys

Dear Razin,

Today (27th May 2011), I received your toys that I ordered online.

Lamaze musical inchworm

The Lamaze Musical Inchworm is full of surprises for baby to discover. Squeeze the nose to hear a fun song. Textures and sounds encourage exploration, while bright colors promote visual stimulation. This little worm can help make tummy time fun! And, use the ruler on the Inchworm's tummy to track baby's growth.

Comelnyer Razin tido... :)

Tolo musical pull toy

Attaches to crib or playpen

Soft and cute

Pull to hear a delightful melody – Good night song

Ikat kat buaian Razin...
memang senang bagi Razin tidur dengar lullaby.. hihi


Ryehanna said...

ayah dia kecik2 dulu.. main kete batang pisang je. abis pokok pisang belakang umah kena tebang...

nak buat robot plak pakai kulit buah koko.. haha

Ryehanna said...

ape la abg ni.. komen guna akaun org...

dulu lain, skrg lain la syg.. :P

Cik Puan Fara said...

hahaha..tu la pelik tgk diri snediri komen.. ni mesti share PC

btw, pakai spectra3 eh?

Ryehanna said...

hihihi... maleh log out.. mmg gn 1 pc jer..

and yes,, kt umh pkai spectra 3.. kt ofis pkai manual..