Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Almost 9 months

Dear Razin,

Why did you woke up at 3 am last night?

And woke up again at 5 am???

I'm turning into a monster. I almost yelled at you for crying your eyes out. I'm so tired... Why la you acting like this when Ayah is not around? T___T

I have no mood to go to work but I still did la since kena punch card bagai... Don't know when is my last day working there... I'm still waiting for HR to call me to advise on my last day... I can't wait to be free!

I am also stressed with a couple of my suppliers... You know Razin, since I have you as a child, I am so into baby stuff. Most of my money went to you... your stroller, clothes, toys etc. So I think why not I sell baby stuff? And that is why I'm trying my luck in this business thingy. Wish me luck eh... I want to be a Work At Home Mom (WAHM)! :P

However, I do have doubts. Can I really stand it to take care of you alone?? I have a bad temper... And i'm not really a patient woman. I cannot really stand crying babies...uhuhuhu... well... I have to manage somehow!

Ayah kena dok Johor starting this 12th Jan. We still don't know yet whether you and me will follow him there. If we follow him there, Ayah has to rent another house since he's staying in a house with 7 other colleagues. Me don't know la... I hate to leave Lumut actually... I already have some plans and then this happened. Arghhh don't know la Razin!!

Maybe in the meantime we'll be apart... Ayah has to stay in Johor for a year, I think. That's not too long, is it? Unless I got pregnant.. no... I don't want to be apart from your daddy when that happens!

Oh well Razin.. so many things happening right now.

I've had dreams of you walking by your own these days... selalu gak la... I don't know what that means?

Anyway, let's end this entry with your pictures... :)

Dah mula panjat tangga!!!

Ayah, sila beli safety gate cepat2 yer...


amal said...

hehe razin caught in the act! dah pandai panjat tangga yeee

Ryehanna said...

itu la... masa dptkan dia, satu kaki dh pijak 1st anak tangga..huhu