Saturday, April 19, 2014

You're going to be a big brother soon, Razin


Dear Razin,

I haven't blogged much here for a long time. Been busy. So busy i felt so guilty for bot jotting down your milestone here.

Now i am 34 weeks pregnant. You're going to be a big brother soon. 

There's a mixed feeling. I'm excited for this bew addition to our family, but i am also worried... Worried i can't be there for you the way i did before... Worried too that u'll feel abandon etc...

I feel sad sometimes. Knowing how much u've grown... That u're no longer a baby. I love u so much, Razin... I just want you to know that no matter what, i love you just as much. You're my firstborn :)

I'm thinking this blog needs a new url. I cant deal with too many blogs to update... So maybe we'll change it to another url soon.. 

Anyway, I cant sleep. You're already fast asleep after threwing tantrums cos you can't watch Pocoyo. Oh well, u always slept late and now that we're at Opah's for the weekend, you must learn that you dont always get what you want, Razin. Thank God there were your Mak Yang and Opah to entertain you for a while. I was tired and i couldnt deal with your crying without yelling.... So it's better if your Mak Yang and Opah who consoled your angry fits.

It's already 2.17 am... And i'm not sleepy. I just lay beside you listening to your breathing. You're such an angel when you're sleeping, sayang... Made my heart ached knowing that soon you'll be big enough starting your own little adventure.

And this world... What a challenging world it is... I'm praying that you will never lose your path. I'm praying that you will be a good servant to Allah. Better than your own Mak and Ayah. Amin.

I still have so many things to write but i dont know whether i should write it here. Better stop now.

Last but not least, Razin, you will always be my baby.... Always.

Gambar lama...

Rindu your baby self...

Such a big boy already... 3 years old.