Saturday, September 5, 2015

Razin's littlest brother

Hi, my name is Muhammad Raiq Alfatih bin Rostafar.

I was born last July, my birthday was on 29th July 2015. Today I am 39 days old.

I was born via c-sect because I was overdue and still wouldn't come out eventhough Mak was induced.

Mak said that I'm an easier baby than my elder brother, Raul. Oh my 2nd brother was not updated in this blog cos he took all Mak's time. Hahahaha

However, these last few days Mak said I drove her crazy.

Well, I do not nap as often as I used to now. I do not know why... Ermmm maybe because I'm growing? Hello Mak, haven't you read about "growth spurts"??

The above picture is of me drinking Mak's expressed breastmilk. Yeah, she couldn't stock up much cos she ended up giving me the expressed milk to shut me up. Tsk tsk

What can I do Mak... I love direct feeding. I love how you smelled and how you held me... That's why I want to keep on latching. Huhu

Oklah, Mak wants me to nap now.
Bye bye